ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 4 : Portfolio of options

4.2. Solutions ranking table

Considering which are the most desirable changes to the project from the stakeholder viewpoint is crucial to its acceptance. From the project management teams viewpoint, questions such as solution feasibility as well as complicated trade-off between acceptance and other dimensions/goals of the project –like cost-benefits calculation- need to be considered also.

Discussion of the desirable solutions proposed (listing in the issues-solution table of step 4.1) between the ESTEEM consultant and the project manager will lead to identifying preferred and feasible solutions. Using the «Solution ranking table» will provide a summarising tool for the outcome of this discussion through listing and ranking solutions accordingly.

Role of the solutions ranking table in the wider ESTEEM process

This table summarizes the outcome of the discussion between the ESTEEM consultant (pushing solutions most desired by stakeholderson PM) and project team (taking on board project management considerations) . Together they will rank potential solutions and identify prefered solutions for next steps



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Download the solutions ranking table of the Jühnde project, Germany