ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 1: Project past and present

Communicating the project to other players and stakeholders is essential to get their support.

The first actions taken with the ESTEEM tool aims at formalising a few documents accounting for their projects story, rationale as well as the context in which it was developed.

Such accounts serves a double objective. It helps the Project Manager and his team take some distance, identify opportunities and barriers and list key players for the project. It also provides a first communication tool between the Project Manager and the project stakeholder.

The 4 actions process is as follows:

1.1. Sketch a project narrative tracing back its dynamics
1.2. Identify and analyze the context of the project
1.3. List the defining moments and turning points of the project
1.4. Establish a table with the major players concerned

What you will need to do to clear step 1:

  • prepare interview (consult available documents)
  • conduct an extensive interview with the project manager
  • summarize it all in synthetic documents