ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

What is ESTEEM ?

ESTEEM is a set of tools organised in a process. Following the process and applying it to your project will help you identify potential social acceptance problems and assist you in searching for solutions.

Is my project eligible for ESTEEM?

ESTEEM has been designed for enhancing the implementation of renewable energy projects in their local contexts. It is then particularly suited for this kind of projects. However, it could probably be applied to the local implementation of other technology projects as long as the major focus of the project is the local implementation of an existing technology. To make sure that your project qualifies, you can run the POLL (step 0) at this website. Local implementation of renewable energy like wind turbines for instance is our target here, rather than early development of breakthrough technology. For more upstream and early stage development of technology rather than a local fit focus, we suggest you to look at more appropriate methods (SOCROBUST, PROTEE).

How long will it take to apply ESTEEM to my project ?

On average, ESTEEM implementation takes about three weeks of full time work for the consultant and one week of full time work for the project manager. We suggest to plan the process of ESTEEM implementation over a 3 to 6 months period in order to leave enough time to organise meetings with stakeholders.

What skills do I need to apply ESTEEM?

So far, engineers, consultants, sociologists, economists have used the method. It seems that no particular skills are required to apply ESTEEM. Some experience with the local implementation of technology, some acquaintance with the technology base of your project to ease discussions, some interest in the social dimensions of project implementation might certainly be a plus.

What benefits can I expect from applying ESTEEM?

If you are a consultant, ESTEEM will provide you with an efficient, well structured way to assist project managers identify and reduce problems of social acceptance of their projects.

If you are a project manager, ESTEEM will help you take some distance on your project and consider potential acceptance risks that you might have overlooked. Following the methodology will then help you identify your key stakeholders for the project and organise a constructive negotiation process with them. This will enhance the social acceptance of your project.

Who can I contact in case of trouble?

This web site has been conceived so that you can autonomously and easily use the ESTEEM process and apply it to your project. In case you need more information and references, please contact coordinator of the project.