ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 4: Portfolio options

4.1. Issues - solutions table

Consider issues that can cause possible conflicts or trigger broader alliances and support to the project (see step 3.2). What would be likely solutions to these issues? What would be the most desirable improvements of the project plan from the stakeholders viewpoint?

Using the ‘issue-solution table’ will help you search solutions to the project most strategic issues as identified earlier (step 3.2). In addition, the table encourages you to analytically consider three main categories of solutions filling recurrent projects weaknesses:


  • - physical modification in the equipment design
  • - reduction of the knowledge gap that could conduct to uncertainty,
  • - optimization of the incentive system for stakeholders.

Role of the Issues-solution table in the wider ESTEEM process

The issues-solution table helps the ESTEEM consultant envision different potential options and solutions to the hotest issues pointed by stakeholders (step 2.4, Step 3.2). Proposed solutions will then be the basis for further discussion with the project manager about likely changes to enhance project acceptance



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Download a detailed description of how to fill in the issues-solution table

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Download issues-solutions table template


Download the issues-solutions table of the Jühnde project, Germany