ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 6: Recommendations for action

6.4. Recommendations & action plan

What are the main recommendations and conclusions you can take from applying ESTEEM method? In this step, we accompany you in developing action plans for implementing the results of the ESTEEM process:

  1. a short-term action plan,
  2. a collaboration plan,
  3. a long-term monitoring and capacity-building plan and
  4. a communication plan (optional)

Role recommendations & action plans in the wider ESTEEM process

This step summarizes the main results of the ESTEEM process and deliver concrete plans for action and for the execution of the project.



Learn about the process of substep 6.4

Download a detailed description of how to develop the recommendations and the action plans

Download tool

Download checklist tables for short-term action plan, collaboration plan, monitoring and capacity-building plan and communication plan


Download the action plans of the J├╝hnde project, Germany