ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 3: Identifying conflicting issues

3.2. Issues ranking table and Strategic issues graph

What are the strategic issues the project manager should deal with in priority? What are the issues that potentially have the most impact on the project acceptance/rejection?

To help you organize this ranking, we suggest you to use a ‘Issues ranking table’, a tool that helps you address the risks and opportunities associated with each issue identified in the key issue table (step 3.1). In the resulting issues ranking graph, issues will be organized according to their level of dependence – how much project success depend on solving it – and urgency – how costly and risky it might be to not deal with it rapidly.

Role of the issues ranking table in the wider ESTEEM process

The ranking issues table helps ESTEEM consultant focus attention of the project manager on the most pressing and important issues for project acceptance.



Learn about the process of substep 3.2

Download a detailed description of how to fill in the Issues ranking table

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Download issues ranking table template
Download a issues ranking graph tool


Download the issues ranking table and graph examples of the Jühnde project, Germany