ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 2: Vision building

2.2. The project manager future vision

How does the project manager envisions the future of the project? To help formalise PM vision, a catchy title and a note – in a newspaper style- called ‘synthesis writting’ describes ‘how the project should look like in 10 years from now?’ . In addition, a ‘social network map’ is filled to describe who should be important actors in the future and what would be the desirable future relations for a successful project. the future success of the project.

Role of the project manager future vision in the wider ESTEEM process

The present and future visions tools are used to make the project manager vision and expectations clear and formalised in order to discuss them with PM. Confrontation of present and future visions and expectations provide a basis to reflect upon pathways and scenarios for the future. In addition, these documents are confronted to the project main stakeholders reactions.



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Download a detailed description of how to construct the project manager future vision

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Download a social network map template


Download the project manager present future of SmartH project, Iceland