ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 2: Vision building

2.1. The project manager present vision

What is the view currently held by the project manager on the project. To elicit this vision, please use a social network map, a mapping tool to elicit who are the important actors for the project (positive or negative) and what are their relations with the project. Comments on this map are collected in the synthesis writing. In addition, the context table (see step 1.2) and the project narrative (see step 1.1) are used to form the description of the intermediate future vision which is used as a counterpoint to the present vision.

Role of the project manager present vision in the wider ESTEEM process

In Esteem the project manager present vision is used to elicit the project manager’s vision and share this information with the stakeholders. This tool sketches the type of relations among the actors considered as important by the project manager and provides a building block to discuss how this relations should evolve in the future. For the ESTEEM consultant, this map provides a first insight into possible stakeholders for interview



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Download a detailed description of how to construct the project manager present vision

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Download a social network map template


Download the project manager present vision of the SmartH project, Iceland and ZEPP project, The Netherlands