ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Step 5: Getting to shake hands

5.1. Workshop preparation

Stakeholder’s workshop need careful preparation and rigorous organization. Depending on your project situation, several choices need to be made regarding the following aspects:

  1. Nature of the workshop
  2. Choice of representative stakeholders
  3. Information to be provided to participants
  4. Workshop facilitator briefing and training
  5. Miscelanous.

Workshop cookbook and workshop preparation guide provide some references and insight on major aspects to be considered for a successful and fruitful meeting.

Role of the workshop preparation in the wider ESTEEM process

Preparing the workshop both on a practical basis as well as from a methodological point of view will condition the reliability of the next step decision making and strategic planning



Learn about the process of substep 5.1

Download preparation methodological guideline for the workshop

Download tool

Download the workshop cookbook


Download the workshop preparation example of the Jühnde project, Germany