ESTEEM: Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects

Welcome to ESTEEM!

ESTEEM is a toolbox for sustainable energy projects. It was developed in the Create Acceptance project (EU 518351) to help projects implementing innovative new energy technologies to deal with societal acceptance issues.

In principle, citizens support sustainable energy sources. Yet in practice, many projects actually face problems of acceptance. Sustainable energy projects need the support of stakeholders. In order to be successful, projects need to fit into various social contexts: they need to adapt to and shape society's expectations.

ESTEEM is designed to help you find out how well your project fits into its social context, to learn about your stakeholders’ concerns and expectations toward the project, and to identify mutually acceptable solutions to potential difficulties. It is a structured process consisting of six steps.

The ESTEEM process is designed to be used by a consultant supporting the work of an energy project manager. As an ESTEEM consultant, you can be a business consultant, an academic or an NGO. You can also be an ‘in-house consultant’, working for the project management team.

ESTEEM provides a tool to structure your cooperation with the project manager and the stakeholders and drive the project to successful conclusion.